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Tips to Keep Your C-Arm in Great Working Condition | Atlantis Worldwide

More and more, the C-Arm is becoming the workhorse of medical imaging, thanks to an aging population, better 3D accuracy and increased patient awareness. C-Arm operating wellThat’s why it’s vital to keep your C-Arm in great operating condition. Here are several tips prepared by the experts at Atlantis Worldwide that can help keep your C-Arm up and running. 

  1. Preventative Maintenance is Key. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provided a service manual with the purchase of your C-Arm. It’s important to follow the preventative maintenance steps in a timely manner. By consistently conducting simple inspections of your C-Arm, you will be able to catch little issues before they become big ones. Make sure your C-Arm maintenance team has a calendar and checklist for routine preventative maintenance for your C-Arm (and for any medical imaging device, for that matter.) That said, do not make repairs yourself. Make sure you use the services of a qualified engineer.
  2. Keep Your C-Arm Clean. Because your C-Arm gets a workout and is used on many patients daily, it can accumulate dust, debris and dirt. There’s also danger of contamination from bodily fluids. It’s important to thoroughly clean your C-Arm on a regular basis. It’s important to follow the instructions from your OEM about cleaning, but as a rule you should wear protective equipment, use disinfectant wipes on surfaces, remove any debris from the wheels or wheel wells and remove and clean the X-ray housing cover per manufacturer guidelines.
  3. Respect Your C-Arm Manual. So many people get a Users Manual with a piece of equipment and never even open it. Is it laziness? Denial? A lack of time? Your C-Arm manual is your friend. Not only should you keep it in a place where it’s readily available, it should be used often. Before you call that Help Desk or ask for a pdf of the manual, find your manual and start reading. You’ll find most solutions to issues and preventative maintenance that can save you lots of time, resources and money. Provide individual pages like ERROR CODES to your team.
  4. Buy The Best Service And Warranty Coverage. Should your C-Arm have an issue, the warranty and protection plan can quickly pay for itself. Take advantage of extended warranties, too. (Don’t worry—you won’t get endless phone calls about it like you do for your auto!) Spend the money and get plenty of peace of mind. It’s worth it.

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Are you looking for medical imaging equipment for your veterinary practice, clinic, hospital or urgent care? Have you considered buying a used or refurbished C-Arm? You can get the performance you need, the service warranties you want and at a price that’s kinder to your bottom line. Talk to the experts at Atlantis Worldwide today.

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